Nanomed Europe 19

June 17-19, 2019, Braga – Portugal

The 14th annual event of ETPN & the 3rd ENM conference merged into a unique event: NME19.

Three days to meet the European Nanomedicine community!

About #NME19

NME19 is a new and unique conference bringing together scientists, technology providers, entrepreneurs, industry and clinicians, all of them developing great medical applications of Nanotechnologies and emerging MedTech.

Scientific lectures on Nanomedicine & sessions about translation to market of nanomedical products held in parallel.

NME19 is co-organized this year by the ETPN and INL, the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory.

Share your success story!

Selected talks, pitch me up sessions, showcase of innovative projects, updates on European projects will give you many opportunities of sharing your success stories.  Efficient matchmaking tools will optimize networking all throughout the event; Find new partners for R&D and end-users of your technologies, build your next successful H2020 or EuroNanoMed consortium, pitch your SME, meet all stakeholders from Research to Industry!

Boost your innovation!

NME19 is indeed a young scientists / entrepreneurs friendly event! Education sessions on both research and product development will give you access to the latest trends in Nanomedicine and emerging medical technologies. Lives sessions of the HealthTech Translation Advisory Board (TAB) will also be held at NME19. The TAB is a free-of-charge mentoring service providing you with holistic and milestone-driven support by industry experts, boosting your innovation in Nanomedicine.

Product demos & Poster exhibition

An exhibition hall within the lunch and break area of NME19 venue will allow you to exhibit your company, products and/or European Projects. Poster exhibition will also be organized in the same area to optimize interactions between participants! Will you win the Best Poster Award?

Featured Talks & Speakers

NME19 has invited inspiring keynote speakers coming from both academic and industry background. Join us in Braga & meet the leaders who are shaping the future of Nanomedicine, MedTech and Healthcare!

June, 18

Jennifer Grossman

Senior Scientific Program Manager @ NIH/NIAID

“Nanomedicine against infectious diseases”

June, 19 09:00-09:30

Maria José Alonso

Full Professor at University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain (USC)

“Multifunctional Polymeric Nanocapsules for the Targeted Delivery on Oncological Drugs- Learning from Euronanomed”

June 17

Laurent Lévy

CEO at Nanobiotix

“NanoXray : from the idea to the market / Behind the scenes.”

June, 19

Olivier Guenat

CEO at AlveoliX AG & Head Organs-on-Chip Technologies, Medical Faculty, University of Bern

“Mimicking the lung parenchyma with organs-on-chip technologies”

Watch our video about INL, venue of the NME19 conference!

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